How did the Crusades affect Europe quizlet?

In Europe, the Crusades led to economic expansion; increased trade and use of money, which undermined serfdom and led to prosperity of northern Italian cities. They led to increased power of the monarchs, and, briefly, to increased power of the papacy.

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How did the Crusades affect European trade quizlet?

The main way that the Crusades increased European interest in trade was by exposing them to more goods than they had previously known about trading for.

How did the Crusades change trade in Europe?

Catalans and Provençals also profited, and, indirectly, so did all of Europe. Moreover, returning Crusaders brought new tastes and increased the demand for spices, Oriental textiles, and other exotic fare. But such demands can also be attributed to changing lifestyles and commercial growth in Europe itself.

What was an effect of the Crusades quizlet?

One of the most important effects of the crusades was on commerce. They created a constant demand for the transportation of men and supplies encouraged ship building and extended the market for eastern goods in Europe. The crusades affected western Europe a lot. They helped undermine feudalism.

How did the Crusades change trade in Europe Brainly?

They increased demand for European products in the Holy Land. They brought traders who took business from European merchants. They created demand for luxury items brought back by the soldiers.

How did the Crusades affect Europe?

an increase in the power of the royal houses of Europe. a stronger collective cultural identity in Europe. an increase in xenophobia and intolerance between Christians and Muslims, and between Christians and Jews, heretics and pagans. an increase in international trade and exchange of ideas and technology.

How did the Crusades lead to exploration by Europeans quizlet?

How did the Crusades help to encourage European exploration? Returning crusaders demanded more Asian items (silk, spices, rice & oranges), they would pay more for it – leading to increase desire to trade with Asia, explore more lands and routes.

How did the Crusades affect Europe intellectually?

Furthermore, the knowledge of the science and learning of the East gained by the crusaders through their expeditions, greatly stimulated the Latin intellect, and helped to awaken in Western Europe that mental activity which resulted finally in the great intellectual outburst known as the Revival of Learning and the …

How did the Crusades affect feudalism quizlet?

How did the Crusades affect Feudalism? The crusades needed people to fight against the Muslims. More and more people were being offered land in exchange for help fighting in the crusades. Land = money = power, reducing feudalism.

How did the Crusades change warfare?

The Crusades led to the emergence of military and religious orders which were founded during the First and the Second Crusades. Some of them have become well known as the subjects of video games such as ‘Assassin’s Creed’. The most famous one is the Knights Templar.

How did the Crusades affect growth in Europe and the Middle East?

The Crusaders brought back exotic new spices and fabrics, fueling European demand for products from Asia. They also brought back new ideas—medical knowledge, scientific ideas, and more enlightened attitudes about people of other religious backgrounds.

How did the Crusades impact feudalism?

While fighting holy wars against the Turkish Muslims, the crusaders learnt the use of guns and gunpowder. This discovery greatly undermined the importance of feudal lords and armoured knights. It now became difficult for them to defy the authority of the king, leading to the decline of feudalism.

How did the Renaissance affect European exploration?

How did the Renaissance influence the Age of Exploration? Age of Exploration is influenced by the Renaissance because the people in the Renaissance were interested in learning and they were curious as to what was out there; people were also less interested in the church, which led to more interest in worldly matters.

What were the effects of the Crusades on Europe and Asia Brainly?

Answer. i) The Muslim states began to adopt a harsher attitude towards their Christian subjects. ii) There was a great increase in the influence of Italian mercantile communities in the trade between the east and the west. iii) Power of Europeans feudal lords decrease and there was a decline of feudalism in Europe.

How did the Crusades encourage the European exploration?

Despite the consequent religious polarization, the Crusades dramatically increased maritime trade between the East and West. As Crusaders experienced the feel of silk, the taste of spices, and the utility of porcelain, desire for these products created new markets for merchants.

How did the Crusades contribute to the renaissance in Europe quizlet?

How did the Crusades contribute to the Renaissance in Europe? Crusaders brought back learning from the East. Which art had the greatest influence on Renaissance artists? Suppose you could look at several paintings made in Italy before 1600.

How did the Renaissance affect the power of independent monarchs?

The Renaissance effect led to invariably increasing the power of the independent states. As we know that in the monarchy system the monarch is established as the figure head of the nation. This means that the independent would also have to bow down to the monarch of the nation.

How did the Renaissance affect trade?

One reason for the flowering of culture during the Renaissance was the growth of trade and commerce. Trade brought new ideas as well as goods into Europe. A bustling economy created prosperous cities and new classes of people who had the wealth to support art and learning.

What were the effects of European exploration?

European explorations led to the Columbian Exchange and an increase in international trade. European nations competed for colonies. The European economy underwent major changes. Today, as in the days of mercantilism, some groups want to restrict global trade to protect certain jobs and industries from competition.

How did the Renaissance help explorers?

By measuring the distance of the sun and stars above the horizon, the astrolabe helped determine latitude, an important tool in navigation. Another tool, the magnetic compass, which had been invented in the twelfth century, was improved upon during the Renaissance.

What were the positive and negative effects of European exploration?

Age of Exploration had many effects, People said that it had Positive and Negative Effects to them, The main Negative effects were 1) Culture being destroyed, by destroying and eliminate the rich cultures and civilizations. 2) Spread of disease, like smallpox, black spots,etc. Where spread all around the world.

What impact did the Renaissance have on European society quizlet?

What impact did the Renaissance have on European society? It increased the power of the Catholic Church. It enabled Italy to conquer most of the continent. It led people to question traditional religious teachings.

How did the Renaissance affect independent monarchs quizlet?

How did the Renaissance affect independent monarchs? It increased their power. It sparked a movement to outlaw these marches.

Which best states how the Renaissance affected Europe?

Which best states how the Renaissance affected Europe between 1300 and 1600? The Renaissance led to major artistic, social, and political changes in Europe. Which best states why the Renaissance began in northern Italy? Northern Italy was close to ancient civilizations.

How did the Renaissance change Europe?

The most prevalent societal change during the Renaissance was the fall of feudalism and the rise of a capitalist market economy, said Abernethy. Increased trade and the labor shortage caused by the Black Death gave rise to something of a middle class.

How did the Renaissance change the economy in Europe?

During the Renaissance, the European economy grew dramatically, particularly in the area of trade. Developments such as population growth, improvements in banking, expanding trade routes, and new manufacturing systems led to an overall increase in commercial activity.

How did the Renaissance impact society?

The population was becoming wealthier which led to an increase in trade and travel and the spread of new ideas. The rise in prosperity also generated an interest in education, supported the flourishing of the arts and promoted scientific discoveries and new inventions.

How did Christopher Columbus impact the Renaissance?

Christopher Columbus was important in the renaissance because he discovered America and discarded the theory of the world being flat. Financially, Columbus’s discovery brought in huge amounts of silver which made Europe wealthier.

What was the impact of Exploration?

Impact of the Age of Exploration

Explorers learned more about areas such as Africa and the Americas and brought that knowledge back to Europe. Massive wealth accrued to European colonizers due to trade in goods, spices, and precious metals.

What bad things did the Europeans bring to America?

Europeans brought deadly viruses and bacteria, such as smallpox, measles, typhus, and cholera, for which Native Americans had no immunity (Denevan, 1976).

What role did the Renaissance play in launching an Age of Exploration?

What role did the renaissance play in launching an age of exploration? they encouraged a new spirit of adventure and curiosity. this spirit prompted europeans to explore the world around them.

How did the caravel help European explorers?

Clearly, the Caravel revolutionized European transportation. This technology made it possible for European explorers, fishermen, and merchants to “expand their horizons,” by providing the ability to travel further, faster. One could argue that it played a major role in the rapid colonization of the New World.

How did Columbian Exchange affect Europe?

The Columbian Exchange caused population growth in Europe by bringing new crops from the Americas and started Europe’s economic shift towards capitalism. Colonization disrupted ecosytems, bringing in new organisms like pigs, while completely eliminating others like beavers.

What were the effects of European Exploration on Europe and the Americas?

Colonization ruptured many ecosystems, bringing in new organisms while eliminating others. The Europeans brought many diseases with them that decimated Native American populations. Colonists and Native Americans alike looked to new plants as possible medicinal resources.

How did European expansion impact European society?

European expansion into the Western Hemisphere caused intense social/religious, political, and economic competition in Europe and the promotion of empire building.

How did European Exploration affect the Americas quizlet?

~Europeans took over many new regions in the Americas, expanding their empires greatly. ~ Europeans brought diseases to the Native Americans that might have wiped out as much as 95% of their population. ~ European guns, various other goods, and horses changed Native American culture forever.

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